Meet Michelle
What do you do at Community Vision? I’m here to help our Aged Customers live their lives their way or...
Meet Lisa
What do you do at Community Vision? I am Community Vision’s Art Therapist and Art Educator. You’ll find me teaching...
Meet Sonja
Aged Care
Excursion Programs
Maintaining a healthy and balanced social life provides several healthy benefits, at Community Vision we encourage our customers to get...
Meet Kaleigh
Kaleigh has been apart of the Community Vision Family for just under a year. She is an experienced marketer empowered...
Movie of the Week: The Last Samurai
Break out the popcorn because it’s time for the movie of the week! This week’s movie is ‘The Last Samurai’...
Aged Care
Social Centres
Socialising is a very important part of human life, it’s something we love to do and it’s a vital part...
Movie of the Week: Moneyball
Break out your TV remotes because it’s time for the Movie of the Week! This week’s film is Moneyball. This...
Differentiating Customer Experience
Customer experience is a broad concept. From digital platforms, call centres, to personalised social support, there are many ways a...
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