We offer a wide variety of education and employment services, tailored to meet everyone’s needs.

Education and Employment Assistance

Education and employment support refers to the services Community Vision can offer you to assist with schoolwork, further education, job hunting and work-related skills. We offer a wide variety of education and employment services, tailored to meet everyone’s needs.

How can I benefit from education and employment support?

The exact nature of the benefit, and support, you receive depends on your stage of life. We can assist people from all walks of life and at every stage of their life. Whether you need help completing school homework, accessing further education or to build your workplace confidence we have the service to assist.

Some of the education and employment support services we offer include:

  • Develop your confidence in workplace settings
  • Assist you to find and join in with volunteering opportunitites Homework assistance
  • Planning your trip to school or work

Help you to access services that can assist with finding a job, understanding your rights and responsibilities in the workplaceEducation and employment support is there to help you improve your life. Whatever the support you need, we can assist. Community Vision can help you to achieve ASDAN certified qualifications.

This means that you get the support services that are relevant to you, with regular reviews conducted to ensure that you are still getting value from them. When you want to get a job, or improve your education, we can help.

How do I get started with education and employment support?

When you’re ready for education and employment support, you can contact us to discuss your goals.

Once we have a better idea of what you want, we can put a personalised action plan together. This ensures you only get the services that you want. You are always in charge of your action plan.

With the action plan in place, you continue to receive your services and we conduct regular reviews so that you can provide feedback. Your feedback determines which services you continue using, as they are the ones relevant to you.

When you want tailored education and employment support, contact Community Vision on (08) 9301 8222.

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