Community Vision can help you to achieve independence in your own home and community, no matter what your goals are.


Independent Living

Independent living refers to the services you can access to help you gain confidence and learn life skills in your own home and out in your community, so you can live a full and happy life with the confidence that you have support if you need it.

There are a lot of ways that independent living with Community Vision can help you. The deciding factor is the kind of help you need. We don’t suggest services that aren’t relevant to your needs and your goals.

Instead, we offer a tailored plan that gives you access to relevant independent living services. These can include:

How can Community Vision help me to live more independently?

  • Assist you with your personal care needs in your home
  • Helping you at home with skill development such as cooking, cleaning or budgeting
  • Assisting you with errands around town
  • Building your confidence in social situations
  • Providing opportunities to get involved in your local community
  • Link you with volunteering opportunities
  • Helping with job searching and applications

How can I get started?

When you’re ready for independent living support, Community Vision is here to help.

We can help you navigate funding options and eligibility and work with you to come up with a plan, listing the appropriate services based on your needs and goals.

We regularly review your plan with you; this helps to ensure that it is still meeting your needs and allows us to adjust it based on your feedback. You’ll have peace of mind that you have the support you need when you require it.

Contact Community Vision today and start your journey of Independent Living.

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