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Home Care Services

Maintaining independence at home is a very personal journey. Everyone has different struggles and different needs, which is why Community Vision doesn’t offer standard packages. We only want to give you the care services that will help you live your best life.

That’s why our Home Care Services start with you. We work with you to identify the care services that will benefit you and help maintain your independence.

These services may include:

  • Supporting you around your home – maybe you need some help with cooking some of your favourite meals, cleaning or just making sure you are comfortable
  • Help with your garden – keeping it pruned, the grass cut and making sure you can still enjoy the time you spend in it
  • Medication management – keeping track of your medication and helping you take it when you need to
  • Mentoring – supporting you to learn and build life skills so you always feel prepared
  • Personal and social support – providing you with someone you can trust when you need assistance to maintain those personal issues in your life

Your Home Care Services journey doesn’t stop there. It grows and changes according to your needs. Through regular case management we provide regular reviews to ensure that whatever the changes in your circumstances are, your home care services are still relevant to your goals and help you lead the best life, where you want to be, at home.

Organising Home Care Services through Community Vision is easy. We will help you check your eligibility to access Government programs to meet your home care needs and guide you through the application process, explaining each step directly to you.

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