Maintaining your quality of life while living with Dementia.


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Living with Dementia

Community Vision offers support services to those whose lives have been affected by living with Dementia. We offer a range of services to assist people living with Dementia and their families, carers and support networks. Our Teams are highly trained in providing high quality in home and centre based activities and services, promoting independence whilst providing a safe and comfortable environment for all to learn and grow in.

Our services are not one-size-fits-all, we tailor them to meet each individuals needs and provide a customised care plan that best matches your goals and outcomes.

How can Dementia Care support those living with Dementia?

Living with dementia can be incredibly challenging for those living with the diagnosis and for their loved ones, families and supports. Through Dementia Care, Community Vision will support you to feel safe and familiar in your own surroundings and assist you to remain active and independent in your community life.

Some of the services we offer as part of our dementia care services are broad, as we tailor every individual care plan to suit the individual’s needs, but they include:

  • Support networks and groups for those living with the diagnosis and their families, loved ones and carers.
  • Medication management – assistance in managing medication.
  • Home support – helping you to keep your home familiar and the way you like it.
  • Shopping – assisting you to complete the weekly grocery shop so there’s always food in the house, how you want and where you want.
  • Medical appointments – helping you make, and keep, your doctor’s appointments
  • Social Club Activities/Respite Groups – through our ‘Sunshine Group’ at our Woodvale Social Club you can enjoy a range of activities whilst creating and building new friendship groups.

Why would I want Dementia Care Support?

Being diagnosed with dementia can be frightening and challenging for all involved. There are a lot of misconceptions about people that live with Dementia. It is important to remember that Dementia is the diagnosis that the person is living with, they do not become Dementia. Living with dementia varies from person to person, therefore the kind of support we offer is geared towards making living with dementia easier for those who are involved. We tailor our services you receive based on your needs and goals. We conduct regular reviews to ensure that your care plan is relevant, up-to-date and delivering the outcomes of your choosing and providing you with the lifestyle of your choice.

Community Vision is ready to support you and is here to talk to you about living with Dementia when you are.

Client Testimonial

It was on the 1st of March, the first day of Autumn. A day out had been planned for our Clients to go out for a picnic at Matilda Bay on the beautiful Swan River. We packed up all our gear, chairs to sit on, stable trays, sandwich lunches, prepared for us by Lynn Rix, and the usual picnic box with all our teas, coffee, milk,etc.

We set off from Woodvale Social Club – Sue Russel and Moi. On board with us were Martha, David, Ida, Lisbeth, Connie, Anna and Sue Jones. The scenic journey took us just over 40 minutes. We arrived to a very busy scene at Matilda Bay. A group of students, possibly over a hundred, were also in the picnic mode and we had to nip in to grab a table in the shade.

seniors taking selfie

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