Caring is a full-time role, and sometimes, you need a break.

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Support for Family and Carers

Family and Carers Support is Community Vision’s way of recognising that the boundaries of care stretch beyond the immediate person. When caring for someone with a disability or someone who is elderly, a carer can sometimes forget that they need some care and time too.

We know how difficult finding time for self-care is for carers, that’s why we offer family and carer support. Community Vision can support and help you to look after your loved ones, providing you with the opportunity to have some well-deserved rest and recuperation time.

How does family and carers support work?

Family and carers support is no different to the other services we offer. It’s tailored to suit your needs and can be customised to suit every circumstance and budget. Our goal is never to replace you as the primary carer, our friendly and dedicated team only want to give you relief so that you can continue your invaluable role.

Some of the family and carers support services we offer include:

  • In-home respite – our staff step in to care while you step out to recharge.
  • Centre-based respite – our training support staff can take your family member to our social club in Woodvale, giving them a chance to socialise and develop further friendship circles whilst giving you some break time
  • Overnight respite – We can arrange for an overnight stay for when you need to be away
  • Emergency respite – when crisis occurs, our staff can step in and manage the caring side while you get life back on track
  • Education – we can provide you with resources and support you need to help you get the best out of your caring role for your loved one, and you.

Why would I use family and carers support?

As care professionals, we know the risk of burn out in carers is real. Regular breaks from caring gives you the opportunity to recharge so that you can provide the best quality of care. At Community Vision, we want you to have the opportunity to take breaks when you need them. We offer this flexible service because we know carers don’t always understand how important it is.

Client Testimonial

It was on the 1st of March, the first day of Autumn. A day out had been planned for our Clients to go out for a picnic at Matilda Bay on the beautiful Swan River. We packed up all our gear, chairs to sit on, stable trays, sandwich lunches, prepared for us by Lynn Rix, and the usual picnic box with all our teas, coffee, milk,etc.

We set off from Woodvale Social Club – Sue Russel and Moi. On board with us were Martha, David, Ida, Lisbeth, Connie, Anna and Sue Jones. The scenic journey took us just over 40 minutes. We arrived to a very busy scene at Matilda Bay. A group of students, possibly over a hundred, were also in the picnic mode and we had to nip in to grab a table in the shade.

seniors taking selfie

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